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Home > Products > Optoelectronics > Optics - Remote Phosphor Light Source

Optics - Remote Phosphor Light Source269 Products Found



Intematix- Intematix is a leading innovator of patented remote phosphor components for high-quality LED lighting. The company develops and manufactures phosphor products that define the quality and reliability of LED solid-state lighting technologies. Intematix manufactures the broadest range of phosphors, facilitating full spectrum LED solutions that radiate vivid, stable, attractive light. Employing its expertise in phosphor, Intematix supplies the ChromaLit™ remote phosphor light source collection that enables light fixture and light bulb manufacturers to exceed their goals for light quality, reliability and power efficiency. Intematix materials and components are found in a complete range of lighting products - from display to general lighting in commercial and residential applications - on a global scale.
CL-750-S55-PC Image
CL-840-CAN40-PC Image
CL-840-L152-XT Image
CL-830-S95-XT Image
CL-835-CAN15-PC Image
CL-750-DOM15-PC Image
CL-750-S65-PC Image
CL-927-R100-PC Image
CL-930-R135-PC Image
CL-930-ELP60-PC Image
CL-830-S65-XT Image
CL-840-R75-PC Image
CL-930-CAN15-PC Image
CL-750-CAN30-PC Image
CL-827-S95-XT Image
CL-827-DOM15-PC Image
CL-840-S200-PC Image
CL-930-CAN30-PC Image
CL-750-S21-PC Image
CL-830-L225-PC Image
CL-827-DOM100-PC Image
CL-750-P215-PC Image
CL-750-CAN15-PC Image
CL-840-R75-XT Image
CL-827-ELP30-PC Image
CL-830-R135-PC Image
CL-840-SR-PC Image
CL-830-R75-XT Image
CL-827-R23-XT Image
CL-830-S55-PC Image
CL-830-ELP60-PC Image
CL-827-S21-PC Image
CL-840-ELP40-PC Image
CL-835-ELP60-PC Image
CL-750-SR-PC Image
CL-835-L125-PC Image

Optics - Remote Phosphor Light Source269 Products Found