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Humidity, Moisture Sensors357 Products Found



Sensirion- Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows worldwide. Sensirion’s sensors are used in a wide range of markets and different applications. Sensirion sensor products guarantee outstanding performance and correspondingly high customer utility. They are all based on our innovative CMOSens® Technology, which enables the sensor component to be combined with the analog and digital signal processing circuitry on a tiny CMOS silicon chip. This is implemented in advanced semiconductor technology, using specific microsystem processing steps to produce the microsensor structures on specially developed and patented semiconductor parts. The resulting sensor chips enable precise and reliable sensing of the desired physical parameters, such as relative humidity, temperature, or mass flow. CMOSens® accordingly represents a guarantee of high precision, reliability, and functionality combined with cost effectiveness.
SHT71 Image
  • Part#:SHT71
  • Manufacturers:Sensirion
  • In Stock:2859
SI7015-A20-GMR Image
HPP805C031 Image
HIH7120-021-001 Image
HM1520 Image
HIH9131-021-001S Image
HIH9120-021-001 Image
SI7034-A10-IMR Image
HIH8121-021-001 Image
CC2D23-SIP Image
SI7015-A10-GM1R Image
385 Image
  • Part#:385
  • Manufacturers:Adafruit
  • Description:SENSOR HUMID/TEMP 5V DTL 2% MOD
  • In Stock:191203
HPP845E131R4 Image
HS3003 Image
SHT30-DIS-F2.5KS Image
HIH-5031-001 Image
HPP845E131R5 Image
SHT30-DIS-P2.5KS Image
SI7007-A10-IM1 Image
HCH-1000-002 Image
HIH7130-021-001 Image
NB-59S-09S-0 Image
SI7021-A20-GM Image
SHT21S Image
  • Part#:SHT21S
  • Manufacturers:Sensirion
  • Description:SENSOR HUMID/TEMP 3V SDM 2% SMD
  • In Stock:22082
HIH-4010-003 Image
HIH-4000-002 Image
HIH6021-021-001 Image
SI7015-A10-FM1 Image
HPP845E034R5 Image
HDC1000YPAR Image
  • Part#:HDC1000YPAR
  • Manufacturers:
  • Description:SENSOR HUMI/TEMP 3.3V I2C 3% SMD
  • In Stock:15684
HIH6121-021-001 Image
SHT15 Image
  • Part#:SHT15
  • Manufacturers:Sensirion
  • Description:SENSOR HUMID/TEMP 5V DTL 2% SMD
  • In Stock:5062
HIH8121-021-001 Image
SI7020-A20-IM1R Image
HS1100 Image
HIH8131-021-001 Image
HPP805D033 Image
HPP845E031R1 Image
XS-Z16-CB2R Image
SI7005-B-FM1R Image

Humidity, Moisture Sensors357 Products Found