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Soldering Irons, Tweezers, Handles252 Products Found


Apex Tool Group

Description:SOLDERING IRON 40W 120V
Apex Tool Group
Apex Tool Group- Carl Weller started the Weller Electric Co. in Easton, PA in 1945 with the invention of the soldering gun. He was looking for a way to service the rapidly growing radio repair market. That invention was followed by the first soldering iron in 1950, followed by the first temperature controlled soldering iron in 1976.
Weller expanded into Europe in 1959. Throughout it's history, Weller has continually developed forward looking products for the consumer and industrial markets.
Weller's commitment to technology is evidenced by the seven person R&D team, with numerous patents and awards to their credit.
The Weller University training center in Apex, NC, was established in 2007. Training is provided for over 100 people per year.
SPG40 Image
FX8801-02 Image
110049874 Image
  • Part#:110049874
  • Manufacturers:Steinel
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON CORDLESS 30-125W
  • In Stock:1350
D550PK Image
TWMP Image
  • Part#:3759
  • Manufacturers:Adafruit
  • Description:ADJUSTABLE 60W PEN-STYLE
  • In Stock:3261
7770 Image
WST2 Image
T0051317799N Image
17510 Image
  • Part#:17510
  • Manufacturers:Aven
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON 80W
  • In Stock:5012
T0053313199 Image
T0052918099N Image
T0052921399N Image
WSTA6 Image
GT7A Image
FM2024-02 Image
110049872 Image
  • Part#:110049872
  • Manufacturers:Steinel
  • In Stock:2253
FM2027-03 Image
EDS-KIT-1 Image
SP40NKUS Image
UT-40SIH Image
UT-100SIK Image
503F-V12ED/P Image
110049873 Image
  • Part#:110049873
  • Manufacturers:Steinel
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON CORDLESS 30-125W
  • In Stock:1955
980-V12/P Image
FX1002-83 Image
FX650-02/P Image
W60P3 Image
SHP-S Image
T0051320499N Image
17801-KIT Image
  • Part#:17801-KIT
  • Manufacturers:Aven
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON HOT AIR 30W
  • In Stock:8059
P2C Image
  • Part#:P2C
  • Manufacturers:Apex Tool Group
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON CORDLESS 25-75W
  • In Stock:1788
T0058765714 Image
BP650MP Image
17801 Image
  • Part#:17801
  • Manufacturers:Aven
  • In Stock:2865
0051319199 Image
SHP-P Image
SCD100 Image
SP40NUS Image
EC1503B Image
110049871 Image
  • Part#:110049871
  • Manufacturers:Steinel
  • In Stock:2994
110990481 Image
  • Part#:110990481
  • Manufacturers:Seeed
  • Description:SOLDERING IRON 65W 100-240V
  • In Stock:1189
SP15NUS Image
T0052922299N Image

Soldering Irons, Tweezers, Handles252 Products Found